Abundance Pie: The Series

I’m curious. What does TOTAL life fulfillment look like to you? More money? Inner peace? A thriving business? Finally knowing the answer to that age old question of “what am I supposed to do with my life?” Whatever happiness looks like to you, I’m guessing it’s not just ONE thing, but rather a collection of […]

3 Sure Fire Steps To Ignite Your Metabolism

  What shift can you do right now for your weight loss. 3 Sure Fire Tips to Ignite Your Metabolism. Catch It Live For Best Results. In this webinar, Professional Speaker, Certified Health Coach, and #1 Best Selling Author, Rhonda Liebig will share 3 Sure Fire Tip To Increased Metabolism in this 60 minute free […]

My Story As A Health Coach And Yours Too

This is your story too What if… You knew the best food for your personal body? Losing weight was easier? You had less mental sabotage? You had less food sabotage? You worked out with purpose? This video is fresh off of youtube and ready for your viewing to motivate and accelerate you from where you […]

[LIVE] Theme Demonstration Dinners – Local & Virtual

“I’ve loved every demonstration dinner! I’ve learned so much and implemented changes in my families lives. Only 1 more dinner for the season. Grab your virtual seat or your live seat into Rhonda’s studio. Be ready for a night of: Relaxing, Learning the latest health research Eat healthy, tasty food Get new recipes, Eating under […]

[Book Signing] Sei Bella and Get to Know “The FITT Solution”

Meet Rhonda Liebig the Certified Holistic Health Coach and #1 Best Selling Author on Amazon on her beautiful process; “The FITT Solution – 4 Steps to a Sexy, Successful You!” Get To Know Rhonda : Rhonda Liebig has made it her mission to support you for your body, mind transformation and teaching the how to’s on losing […]

What is Your Real Age?

At the Studio here we are always discussing health and the day to day changes that we can do to help us feel better.  Here is a good test to determine how old you are.  This test asks stat questions such as your weight, cholesterol, etc but it also asks about your stress level and […]

Energize Me Green Tea

I have recently cut out simple sugar out of my diet and this has started me on the search for healthy snacks.  There is a great refreshing beverage that I found and I wanted to share because it soooo GOOD.  The main ingredient in this recipe has Green Tea in it and Green Tea is a very powerful anti-oxidant […]

Susan – Person of the Month #1 Blog

Hi my name is Susan and I have been coming to the studio since October and I have noticed some wonderful changes in me and my health.  As you can see my picture is not in this blog because I feel like I still have so many more hurdles to jump over before I am […]

Susan- Person of the Month #2

Thank you girlfriendss for all the kind words and cheering on.  The power of the group is with us, let’s have fun doing it and definitely boogy down.   My workouts consist of coming to the Studio and walking on my treadmill.  I am feeling stronger each week which gets me excited and now in […]