I Have Type 2 Diabetes – Will it get worse as I age?[VLOG]

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Sacramento Local Events Starting August 2015

Ready to work on your final slim down for your last vacation month of the Summer AND… live in Sacramento?  VIP Demonstration Dinner Series Starts August 5th Each session will support a: 1) Stronger immune system, 2) Faster, healthy nourishing weight loss, 3) Faster fat burning, and a 4) Direct step into Energy throughout the day. Here are […]

The 3 Signs You’re Exhausted [The Connection to Swollen Eyes]

How Are Swollen Eyes and Kidneys Connected? The other week I was at Fox 40 supporting their viewers on how to de-stress the body when living with the Go Go Go Syndrome. This was my third time being on their sound stage and I was appreciative that they invited me back. My focus for the day… […]

The scoop on juicing and sugar sensitivity. Know the steps to protect your health

Recently, I have had many of you ladies asking me about juicing. The main question I hear, “Is juicing good for me?” My answer is always, “It depends!” The main reasons why I get asked is because we are usually: Yearning to lose weight Reaching for ways to increased energy Enhancing skin beauty Frightened of getting […]

4 Top Eating Beliefs You Probably Believe

Artificial Sweeteners Are Safe Sugar Replacements for Diabetics, plus Help Promote Weight Loss Most people use artificial sweeteners to lose weight and/or because they are diabetic and need to avoid sugar. The irony is that nearly all of the studies to date show that artificial sweeteners cause even MORE weight gain than caloric sweeteners. Studies also […]

Almond Hot Chocolate

Almond Hot Chocolate The cold days are here and this is the time to pull out a hot chocolate that you do not feel guilty drinking. And it is sooo basic!  Follow Directions below.   1 cup of almond milk 1/2 packet of Truvia 1 tbsp of no sugar cooking chocolate 1/2 tsp of vanilla Dash […]

Infuse Your System with ENERGY + Beauty Tips

There was a Dr. Oz show that inspired this blog.  This blog is wrapped with Dr. Oz information along with additional research from medical web links, books and magazines.  This blog is exciting to me since it has a combination of health and beauty with very simple information. “WHEN ALL YOUR INNER PARTS ARE FEELING FIT -SO […]

Healthy Tips

Stretching – Dynamic Stretching is safe because you are working within your own range of motion and doing a light bounce. This may help you release tension in your muscle and then allow you to stretch further. Do not do Ballistic stretching which are heavy bounces in which you may get tiny tears in your […]