The Power of Now

Welcome to this Tuesday connection. How are you feeling today? I feel amazing! It took a little bit to get going but here I am on our connection day after a walk around my energy track on the ranch. Today I was going to talk about working out, but then something happened, I got really […]

Are Good Friendships Connected With Accelerated Fat Loss?

What’s the connection with Making Healthy Food Choices and Clearing Mental Sabotages To Making Bad Choices In Our Friendships? Wouldn’t believe it until I saw it happening, time and time again… Here’s what I’ve learned using me as an example, but you can put any name in there. Maybe you will see yourself and your relationships in this story […]


NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION: IMPROVE HEALTH.   I saw these stats on Health that gave me a jolt and a reminder of the importance of lifting weights, cardio workouts, and healthy eating can do for us:     Percentage of women who die suddenly of coronary heart disease without prior symptoms: 66% Number of adult women […]