Get Your Program Going #3

Tracking your diet and following clean eating (whole foods) is the most difficult part of your program. Please hang in there and you will be happy with the results.  Sign up @ and start tracking your daily diet.  It’s very educational and a great tool.    There is a spot on the website where you can add […]

Susan – Person of the Month #1 Blog

Hi my name is Susan and I have been coming to the studio since October and I have noticed some wonderful changes in me and my health.  As you can see my picture is not in this blog because I feel like I still have so many more hurdles to jump over before I am […]

Susan- Person of the Month #2

Thank you girlfriendss for all the kind words and cheering on.  The power of the group is with us, let’s have fun doing it and definitely boogy down.   My workouts consist of coming to the Studio and walking on my treadmill.  I am feeling stronger each week which gets me excited and now in […]