Ready For A Detox This Spring?

What a great way to reset your metabolism and cleanse out the Winter, Spring Into Health Listen to Samantha’s story below in the video. She also has been participating in the cleanses as she has gone through her personal journey. There are so many reasons why you want to step into a 2 week program […]

Get To Know Your B Supplement

B-Vitamins Vitamin B are a Group of vitamins all involved in turning the food we eat into useable energy by the body Vitamin B Include thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, B6, B12, folic acid, biotin, pantothenic acid Some B vitamins work solely to turn the food we eat into useable energy. Others have additional roles   o […]

Infuse Your System with ENERGY + Beauty Tips

There was a Dr. Oz show that inspired this blog.  This blog is wrapped with Dr. Oz information along with additional research from medical web links, books and magazines.  This blog is exciting to me since it has a combination of health and beauty with very simple information. “WHEN ALL YOUR INNER PARTS ARE FEELING FIT -SO […]

4 Diet Mistakes That Age You

A great article about aging.  It is straight to the point and lays information out in basic terms.   A quote from the article about eating processed food and the lack of nutrients: “These inadequacies can result in symptoms we tend to assume are due to aging,”   LINK TO ARTICLE: