3 Steps to Sexy Slim You In 2014 – Virtual Webinar

Live WEBINAR with Rhonda Liebig, Health Coach Day: Thursday, February 13, 2014 Time: 10AM PST Get to know Rhonda plus what this live webinar is. Rhonda Liebig, has dedicated her life to helping women leaders to step into their authentic path to accelerated health and income. As a Certified Health Coach, Author of “The FITT Solution”, CPA, […]

FITT? Do These 5 Steps and Get Results

F.I.T.T. Focus, Integrate, Transform, Thrive To understand what F.I.T.T. means to you is your ticket to to the golden path into your Ultimate Self. Here is support for you to start breaking through the haziness of endless information out there. You will see that your steps are not all physical workout steps… there is a deeper […]