What Workout Is For You? Take The Assessment!

Here I go DANCING AGAIN… It can be confusing when deciding what type of workout to do right now to get that perfect flow of energy for the day. So I made it clear & simple for you. I have created an assessment that tells you exactly where you are energetically stuck. Once you have […]

Woman’s Energy FITT Retreat – Get Your Ticket

Higher Energy Retreat GRAB YOUR TICKET BELOW! A RETREAT! Rhonda In Person and Working With You Live To Get The Transformation That You Want/ Need Right Now! Date: May 21, 2016 Time: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM Where: Sacramento, CA *More details to come Price: $297 $97 

Take Care of Yourself While on Vacation – The How To’s

Hello there from Sunny California! This Vlog is coming to you from beautiful Mendocino, California where family and friends came together and spent the long extended weekend going abalone diving, hiking, and mountain bike riding. When I did this video I was thinking of my struggles during vacation time and felt that you would be […]

Self Care Expert Panel [Interview]

Join us as we discuss self care problems that shows up in women’s leadership and life and the ways to overcome it and bring back the full power to your life. In this show you meet Maria Appelqvist, Break through Master Coach, Nicole DeAvilla, Master Yoga Therapist and Rhonda Liebig, Holistic Health Coach diabetic expert. […]

How To Look Look and Feel Younger [Interview]

Check Out Women Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with E Factor with Brenda Pearce on BlogTalkRadio Grab your virtual front row seat while Rhonda is sitting (in California) with Brenda Pearce (in Canada)! Rhonda is talking in depth about Diabetes like she has never done before. She lays out a wellness plan discussing her strategies […]

My Story As A Health Coach And Yours Too

This is your story too What if… You knew the best food for your personal body? Losing weight was easier? You had less mental sabotage? You had less food sabotage? You worked out with purpose? This video is fresh off of youtube and ready for your viewing to motivate and accelerate you from where you […]

FITT Group Workout for Yoga Weights & Cardio

3 Month Group Workout Program Starting: March 31st Workout Days: Monday 4:30 PM FITT Muscle, Cardio, and a flare of Yoga Wednesday 4:30 PM FITT Muscle, Cardio, and a flare of  Yoga Friday 1:45 PM FITT Yoga How I Support As a Certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer • Helping you decide what are healthy food […]

Steps To Your Sexy Slim- 3 Sure-Fire Secrets To Results

Health information can be complicated and convoluted… In this 60 minute webinar Rhonda will be touching on “Old School” vs. “New School” health. Plus she will be sharing her personal tips for slimming down almost instantly with proven results. Click to sign up “I lost 12 pounds in Rhonda’s last challenge! That’s a pants size!” […]

What’s The Formula For A Successful FITT Goal [Tuesday Challenge]

Here’s to your  Tuesday Sexy, FITT Challenge What is the formula for a successful FITT goal? The success is that you start off with clear intentions and have extreme balance in your life so you can implement your future goal(s). “There is no force equal to that of a determined woman” Quote to live by […]

[DVD] Muscle Yoga Workout – Professional Video

Muscle Yoga is for you if you are tired of the ‘ole workouts! Total Body Workout With Emphasis On Core Strength. This unique workout with a smooth blend of muscle work and yoga will give you the strength and limberness that your body needs to function for a health day to day life. Equipment used […]