What Workout Is For You? Take The Assessment!

Here I go DANCING AGAIN… It can be confusing when deciding what type of workout to do right now to get that perfect flow of energy for the day. So I made it clear & simple for you. I have created an assessment that tells you exactly where you are energetically stuck. Once you have […]

Start Your Day Rebounding and Burn Mega Calories QUICK!

This morning I spent time rebounding/ jumping with the family before their school day.  Doing this fun activity I actually took care of 2 important things.  The kids loved me spending time with them plus I was also able to get a quick workout in just 30 minutes.  Wow taking care of 2 things at one […]

Do You Have The Daily Aches & Pains? Here Is What I Am Doing To Help My Clients

Do you wake up in the morning feeling stiff and maybe even having aches and pains?  Do you have arthritis? Maybe Rheumatoid Arthritis? Well here is what I am doing for my client’s through Skype and at the Studio.  This is for you if you have Arthritis & General Aches & Pains. Have you heard […]

The 6th Month Mark – CAN YOU MAKE IT?

Recent Studies have shown that people who have worked out off and on throughout their life will have a 6th MONTH HURDLE. This 6th MONTH HURDLE is where you learn to fit your workouts in throughout stress in your life and any general excuse(s) not to workout.  The best thing about getting through this hurdle is that these […]

Get Your Skype Ready

Currently I have 6 Skype Clients and it is a sinche to set up.  Skype is a website where you use video and a microphone to communite to each other.  The Skype Workouts are just as if you are in the studio but in the Luxury of your own home.     Items needed for Set […]


Since I was a kid I used to eat stuff that I did not like that taste of if I knew it was good for me, example holding my nose and swallowing peas (YUK!).  My drive to be as healthy as I could be came from the acknowledgment of health issues that run in my family: heart attacks […]

Healthy Tips

Stretching – Dynamic Stretching is safe because you are working within your own range of motion and doing a light bounce. This may help you release tension in your muscle and then allow you to stretch further. Do not do Ballistic stretching which are heavy bounces in which you may get tiny tears in your […]

Get Your Program Going #2

In the first blog we talked about doing a mental inventory and getting everything departmentalized to determine what is your food/stress triggers.  Remember food is about 80% of your program results.  Remember though that clean eating is a step in your program and a well rounded program will also have intense workouts to get you to your healthiest: Bathing suit […]

Susan – Person of the Month #1 Blog

Hi my name is Susan and I have been coming to the studio since October and I have noticed some wonderful changes in me and my health.  As you can see my picture is not in this blog because I feel like I still have so many more hurdles to jump over before I am […]

Susan- Person of the Month #2

Thank you girlfriendss for all the kind words and cheering on.  The power of the group is with us, let’s have fun doing it and definitely boogy down.   My workouts consist of coming to the Studio and walking on my treadmill.  I am feeling stronger each week which gets me excited and now in […]