Take Care of Yourself While on Vacation – The How To’s


Hello there from Sunny California! This Vlog is coming to you from beautiful Mendocino, California where family and friends came together and spent the long extended weekend going abalone diving, hiking, and mountain bike riding. When I did this video I was thinking of my struggles during vacation time and felt that you would be able to relate too.

Even through all that physical activity I still found myself wanting to fall into old sabotage habits such as eating everything just for the sake of doing it. Vacations can be disastrous to our healthy plan if the right first steps are not taken.

The first steps not to do are related to before you even start your vacation. The common mistake that I find we do is believe that “diet = lose weight = ready for bathing suit and shorts”. Truthfully, a diet will only make you feel more deprived and swing your cravings at an all time high. Thus you can gain even more weight during your vacation time and lose your chances of feeling good in your bathing suit and shorts. So use my 2 success steps to a wonderful healthy vacation.

My 2 success steps for balancing my body in emotional and physical cravings in preparation for vacation:



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