Testimonial, Utah



Working out with Rhonda is very important to my life. She motivates meto keep going even though at times it is very difficult for me due to a varietyof health issues.


Rhonda’s always so kind and patient and I always feel so much betterafter my workout.  She’s very encouraging, but firm and doesn’t give up on me.


She has also helped me with my nutritional needs and has helped mefocus on many good ideas to improve my health.


She pushes me but not over done so it always stays enjoyable to me. Ilook forward to seeing her and we mainly do my workouts through Skpye.com andit is something to look forward to and not drudgery.  God Bless her with the good work  she is doing for all of us to live our lives abetter and healthier and happiness.


Estelle Lyman


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