The 6th Month Mark – CAN YOU MAKE IT?

Recent Studies have shown that people who have worked out off and on throughout their life will have a 6th MONTH HURDLEThis 6th MONTH HURDLE is where you learn to fit your workouts in throughout stress in your life and any general excuse(s) not to workout.  The best thing about getting through this hurdle is that these should be the reasons that you are currently working out – To help you get through stressful times in your life. 


Hang in there and stick to your attainable goals and the motivation will follow once you start seeing the results.  Get the momentum going and infuse your life with ALL the WONDERFUL effects from being in a great program. 


The human body was meant to move and when it does so with regularity, it response to the stress of physical movement with improved fitness and health.


My role as a Personal Trainer is to get you to your PERSONAL BEST through listening and guidance.  I spend my time studying and doing research to support where you need to go for joint & muscle limberness, learning about foods that can heal, giving you advice on how to live a healthier life, AND MUCH MORE.  To show you how dedicated I have been in my life on exercise, the above picture is of me in 7th grade competing in a relay race and I have not stopped moving forward in making my life the healthiest and happiest.  And now I have my friends, family and now members at the studio to support me as I continue and share my experiences. 




SOURCE: American Council On Exercise + Personal Input

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