The Benefits of Prebiotic Foods

Eat Your Prebiotics3 reasons why you need prebiotic foods
1) You get great fiber that is essential for moving you nutrients through your digestive tract.
2) It will boost your immunity system. Keep bringing in the good food like your fruits and vegetables to build up your gut and improve your immunity system.
3) If you bloat like most women do this is a great way to stop your bloating.

Here is a list of prebiotic foods. Keep adding them into your daily diet.
artichoke (Jerusalem type preferred) – asparagus – banana – unrefined barley – garlic – green beans – honey – leeks – unrefined oats – onions – raisins – soybeans – tomato – sprouted wheat products – whole grains.

Go to my recipes to get some great ideas for new meals for you and your family.

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