The Light is Gone

Good morning! Welcome to this Tuesday connection. I am here! Let’s talk about how the weather can disconnect you from your goals. Let talk about the freedom of new ideas. The freedom of new goals. Deep breath in, let’s do this.

I am going to tell you a story about last night. Someone told me “Rhonda you are so silly and crazy” and I mentioned that I wanted to post that on social media. This is important because when you do what you love and you are passionate about it, you start feeling giddy, crazy and silly. This is because your body feels lit up. It is difficult to maintain this feeling. However, every day we go deeper and deeper the feeling of “I have to do this”, but we struggle to shift into feeling like we get to.

At first it was difficult for me to wake up at 4:45 am and meditate. Now, after my meditation, I now do my gratitude walk. The shift in weather and darkness in the morning, I feel a shift in my mood. The morning sun is not there,I just see the stars. Does that make it more cumbersome because the light is gone? How is this affecting me? I start asking myself why am I doing this? I have started to shift the way the darkness affected me. To get to that goal, I want to share with you my tool. I take a step back. I give myself an opportunity to dream and create a new arena for my dreams. How do I make it through the holidays without feeling stressed and eating back food? You notice that when you are run down and your energy is low you reach for bad food. It is so easy to go to that sugar, but we all know is bad for our body and even teeth and some friends of mine has need to contact these dentists for implants for this same reason. When your mindset is low, it is easy to be frustrated with friends and family.

I invite you to let the lightness in. To warm your heart and think about how you want to show up. How do you want to show up in a month? In 6 years? In your later years? Take a step back and think about that. Centering your mind and giving yourself the opportunity to have gratitude. That is when I walk outside, and I start looking at the stars through the darkness. I start to appreciate the stars and I don’t mind the darkness. Sadness is brought on by the past and anxiety comes from the future. So, you can take a moment to look at the stars and realizing that we are not alone. Allowing that feeling and feel grateful about what you have. Once your mind is in that gratitude, that is how you get through the day. How you get through the holidays. That is how you align your chemistry. That is how you get to your silly and crazy place.

Feel your vocals life and give yourself the freedom to have gratitude. How does that feel? If you are here in Sacramento, look for the next revitalization day and have lunch with me. Also look for the next stop of the Fresh Inspiration Show tour. I would love to see you there. Come get refreshed with me!

Hope walking through this threshold made you feel better. I hope you have an insightful and high energy day. Open you mind and open your cash flow.

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Rhonda Liebig

Energy Revitalizer & Mindset Coach to Freedom in Your Health & Cash Flow

AADP Certified Health Coach
Founder & Producer of The Fresh Inspiration Show

best selling author: The FITT Solution and 14 Days to a Flat Belly