The Real Enemy of True Success

I always find it interesting how people let a common thing prevent their success and find their way into sabotages.

In fact, I think that the enemy of true success is something that almost can’t be seen.

What is it?



What’s “The SABOTAGE” – and what does it have to do with getting what I want in my quest for healthy living and
achieving my goals… and what does it have to do with me losing what I have, experiencing new things and leads to ultimate failure?

The Sabotage is the thing you use to “hide yourself” when you’re facing a big opportunity or a big challenge (and
they’re often the same thing).

The Sabotage is that thing that holds you back from taking decisive action when you have a big chance for something new.

The Sabotage is what keeps you inside your COMFORT ZONE and afraid of changing things. “I don’t have time.” “Maybe next month.”

Right now, you might be sitting squarely on The Sabotage.

I’ve been hearing from a lot of people who ARE in The Sabotage. A lot of their “stuff” is from being afraid to change their life to something different even when it’s SOMETHING GREAT for their healthy living and deeper connection with life and friends. I see it so many times, it’s just easier to keep living through food and any scared feeling to gulp down that wonderful feeling that is talking to you, it get’s gulped down with a piece of bread, chocolate, mocha… you name it.

But it’s time for you to decide.

Which direction are you going to go today?

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