When I turned 40 years old a couple of years ago I did not meet my goals that I had planned for myself. It was very disappointing, well that’s what I thought at that time in my life:
1) 20 extra lbs on me
2) my neck felt like I had the beginnings of arthritis
3) my back kept going out on me, and
4) I could not even muster up the energy to do a full intense workout.
There were many reasons why this was disappointing to me but mainly because earlier in my life my goal was to be in the best shape of my life at the beginning of my 40’s and forward. I envisioned myself coming into “my own”, understand my emotional triggers, knowing exactly what made me happy, you know have it ALL DIALED in – Now I know that this is more of a pipe dream and not to be so true -NOPE!

There is not a special age that everything is in a line. Our lives have a journey and each day that you wake up you make a choice in how your day is going to turn out, a daily journey which needs to be chipped away at and worked on.

I appreciate that and I get it, you need to go through these types of challenges to keep your appreciation of the wonders the life brings us. What you put in your body and your daily/weekly workouts is your foundation to give you the strength to deal with the sometimes painful events that occur in our life.

A shift in the mindset
So, this year I am turning 42 and so much has changed in these 2 years.

First and most importantly is I have learned to be GENTLE ON MYSELF. I have always, as “us women do”, looked at myself and my faults and would just tear into myself and I would only look at what I needed to change and work on, physically and emotionally. But something shifted in me when I gained weight and had very few positive thoughts, I found a way out. And now I look at myself and see the positive changes that I have done and also I can look at my self constructively in the changes that I do want to make in myself (I have taken the negative emotion out). Yes I would still like to lose a few extra lbs but that is naturally coming off since I have shifted my mindset and stopped tearing myself up which would not allow me to get to my goals without pain, sweat, and tears [Self Destructive]. I have changed my diet and I am stretching and strengthening my body.

This is why I am hear for you at RL personal trainer. These Healthy Blogs are here to support you and allow you to make positive changes in your life and you are also a support group for those people that are going through their challenges plus the success stories that are going on too is seeing members transformations with the “person of the month”. Here in the studio we discuss food and what our workout challenges are.

So remember what you have paid for:
1) a Coach
2) Workout Partner(s) and/or
3) Support

All the support you need to enjoy your journey to a healthier you.

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