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These are the tools that you will be using throughout the 21 day holistic program…

The Three Energy Revitalize Tools That Bring Together Your Essentials For Success…

Most programs usually work with only one of the three pillars and this is where many fail in their success. This 21 day program has been in the making for over 15 years listening and honing in on the strategies that have given the biggest breakthroughs for my clients. These three pillars are the stability that are present in everything sprinkled with success for healthy goals, lifestyle goals, business goals…

Diets do not work… Yo-Yo dieting is pinching on the body and feels self limiting with “have to’s” and “I can’t”. The Total Energy Jump Start program will start with you taking my signature ROAR Method Assessment(c). This assessment will tell you exactly which organ meridian you are stuck in presently. Once you discover where your are stuck then your Energy Revitalize Master Grocery will be unveiled. This step will help you shop efficiently and effectively so that you can start your “ReVitalize Plate Plan Phasing” step. This plate plan phasing is key to connecting with the concept “food is your medicine”. Thus the food strategies and motivation begins.

Discover one of the most effective ways to bring alignment to your day! This Energy ReVitalize Pillar shines a light on the common words and phrases that sabotage you when making decisions when creating new steps in your life. Throughout my years in the health industry I’ve discovered that we unconsciously use certain language that builds our life story and leads us down the wrong path. These sabotage words slow our natural growth into abundance and restricts us from sharing our gifts in our business and in personal life.

The Sabotage Secrets Breakthrough was created by listening to the words my clients used over and again that stopped them from accomplishing what they knew in their heart they wanted or deserved in their life. Often these words stopped them from believing in themselves, and living a more fear based life full of “what if’s”. This is where the mental magic happens and the beginning of manifestation of results exist.

Our words create reality!

Have you heard this before… “Not all good food is good for everyone”? This is the concept  for the “Energy Release Workouts”. When you first start The Total Energy Jump Start program you will take my signature ROAR Method Assessment(c) which will assess where you are stuck energetically in your body and this is where your workouts are created. For example, if you are stuck in the Kidney Meridian there is a specific workout program that you are going to follow to release the energy that is sitting in the body and stuck. This specialized workout approach will be your key to endless open energy throughout the day.

This is how my personalized slogan “Dump The 3 PM Slump” was created…

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Starts February 27th 2017

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