Curry/Tumeric – Unshackle Your Immune System With This Recipe

Easy Stir FryCurry is a mixture of several spices, predominantly turmeric.  That will give you the intense cleaning food power.

These types of spice we love to talk about because of the spicy factor which means that it rebs up your internal burning system.

But not only that, it contains many powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds plus there are health benefits that you receive from the splice.  The kick butt health benefits are linked with fighting: 1)Alzheimer’s diseasewith fighting oxidative damage and inflammation; 2) Skin Cancer – since it is known to interfere with melanoma cells; 3) Brain Health – again due to the anti-inflamatory effect, and more. There are so many studies out there related to the benefits of curry.  But for this short blog you get the essence of what this powerful spice can do.

In last nights dinner I used Curry Powder while preparing dinner.  This is my simple throw together recipe that I did:


Boil Whole Wheat Noodles to package directions and drain

Heat up the WOK

Cut up Bell Peppers (red + green) & Brocolli

Cut up Low fat Turkey Sausage or Chicken

Mix up a liquid ingredients

  Low Salt Soy – Splash

  Splash of Rice Wine Vinegar

  Curry Paste – 1 Tsp

  Mojito Premium mix [I use any liquid that I can find in our fridge that is sweet] – 2 TBS.

  Splash of Sesame Oil

Splash of Olive oil in the WOK

Blanche the vegetables – put 1/3 of the liquid sauce mixed above 

Pull out the vegetables

Put the drained noodles into the WOK and put the remaining liquid sauce in

Add Vegetables once noodles are firm to your liking

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