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Why is Lunch so confusing in what foods to choose from?

It’s because we want something that is convenient, quick, and not too much preparation. Purchase this video and find out how easy it is to prepare a lunch that is healthy for you and quick.

This video is interesting in how it came together. I spent almost a full 2 years putting recipes together and having monthly demonstration dinners at my studio to share about food being our medicine. The video that you are going to get with this purchase is the type of setting that I used for my dinners and that I would pair a healthy discussion with the meal that I was cooking for everyone. I had so much fun shooting the video that you will be receiving with this purchase. The experience brought me back to those fun filled nights during the demonstration dinners and spending time with people just like me in caring about their health. My friend Matt shot the video and edited it beautifully which also made this a great day to be shooting the video. Take a look at the commercial video below to get an idea of the setting and the types of foods that we will be cooking together.


You can add 1 recipe at a time to slowly implement your new recipes.

You receive with your purchase:

  1. A downloadable video to cook with me in this 20 minute video. This video was made during a Women’s FITT Retreat and everybody enjoyed the food. I know you will too!
  2. Healthy Exciting New Basic Recipes to FITT your Lunch but interchangeable for your Dinner menu too.


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Invest In Yourself with Basic Recipes. Plus Download Your Video & Cook With Me! Only $29.99

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