VIP Diamond Day- Accelerated Health & Income

[Group] VIP Diamond Day – Stop The Sabotage so that you can Accelerate your Health & Income

[Group] VIP Diamond Day – Stop The Sabotage [Feb 7th] In A Private Suite

The VIP Diamond Day [Group] is an incredible pampering day along with support in your shift onto your authentic path. What’s great about this group event is that you will be out of your daily element, overlooking the beautiful Sacramento River, and in a private suite to work on your transformation. Throughout your day you will become aware of your Energy Health Sabotages, learn about what foods work for you, plus the clarity in what can be the confusion in your personal weight loss journey. You will be working with Rhonda’s Signature 4 steps, FITT, Focus, Integrate, Transform, Thrive to lay down a strong foundation to kick your life into high energy, no slump, and no bloat.

This VIP Diamond Day is for you if:

  • Losing weight is DIFFICULT for you
  • Don’t know how to STOP SABOTAGING your diet and health
  • Fail in knowing how to INCREASE your ENERGY and LISTENING TO YOURSELF
  • Have some fear in changing your daily EATING HABITS because you need it for comfort
  • Finding ways to say NO TO YOURSELF but you don’t know how to follow through
  • Know that if the SABOTAGES don’t stop this could affect your HEALTH NEGATIVELY
  • Ready to STOP STRUGGLING and being distracted with the 3PM SLUMP and BRAIN CLARITY so that you can ACCELERATE YOUR BUSINESS

BONUS Yoga and meditation to culminate all the discoveries that you have throughout this day and bring intense focus to tie a bow nicely around your new vision, new energy.  Read more…

By taking ACTION and stepping into this day you will DISCOVER HOW TO

  • TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR DAY that is going to work for you personally
  • Create a POWERFUL day that is going to get your the RESULTS in YOUR HEALTH and YOUR BUSINESS
  • BREAKTHROUGH your HEALTH SABOTAGES and bring in the positive mind set that you need to accomplish your goals
  • Work through what the cause of your BIGGEST PROBLEM IS, 3PM SLUMP, HIGHER STRESS, AGING
  • Focus on what is at steak for YOUR HEALTH and YOUR FUTURE HEALTH

Your day will be INTERESTING & EXCITING with done for you materials:

  • Sexy FITT, Stop the Sabotage Checklists
  • Sexy FITT, Stop the Sabotage Templates
  • Sexy FITT, Stop the Sabotage Reminder Lists
  • Sexy FITT, Stop the Sabotage Fill-in-the-blank forms
  • Sexy FITT, Stop the Sabotage Shopping Lists
  • Good bag
  • Special Articles
  • Hand Selected Books

You will finish your day feeling refreshed with a new energetic look at your . Fill out this form so we can discuss if this day is for you.


I loved the day with Rhonda and the group. Very informative and relaxing at the same time. The investment for the day is nothing relative to the return with all the rich information that you get for the day. I learned a lot about how to change up my bad habits into healtheir . I really loved being on the Sacramento River in a private suite and being away from my regular schedule. It felt great to be swept away from my regular day to day. It allows you to leave stressors behind…

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