Stop The Sabotage to a Skinny Kitchen Diamond Day:

  • The VIP Diamond Day is the ultimate pampering to your health day where you get 1 on 1 time with Rhonda as a master coach. You will be working with Rhonda’s Signature FITT approach with already built templates that will inspire you and get you to aha moments right away. Throughout your day will will become aware of your Energy Health Sabotages, learn about what foods work for you, plus the clarity in what can be the confusion of weight loss. You will be working with Rhonda’s Signature 4 steps, FITT, Focus, Integrate, Transform, Thrive to lay down a strong foundation to kick your life into high energy, no slump, and no bloat.
  • [If elected to add to your day]: 1 hour of yoga and meditation to culminate your with all the discoveries that you have throughout this day. You will finish your day feeling refreshed with a new energetic look at your health, with new knowledge and a deeper understanding of who you are standing as your authentic self.

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A glance at how Rhonda will guide you through her signature FITT Coaching Approach:


Break down the walls. Discover your energy health sabotages that are affecting you right now.


Build what you have learned and discovered in your focus stage in how you can implement into your life. Learn more about yourself by being coached to mental clarity.


Implement your energy aha’s into your personal plan.


Bring all your new information together for the day. Evaluate what your next steps are once you leave the day with Rhonda.

After an exclusive Diamond Day with Rhonda you will: 

  1. Take more charge of your day the self assurance
  2. Have new tools to use to breakthrough and evaporate your health sabotages
  3. Start the process to break through your stress
  4. Start the process to break through your 3PM slump
  5. Read labels, know what’s “good” what’s “bad”
  6. Reclaim your energy!


The VIP FITT Kitchen Revamp Day is spending a day with Rhonda working with you to get your kitchen set up for your high energy life. Did you know that your kitchen is a main source of your Energy supply? It is time to unravel and open up the pantry, cupboards, and fridge and learn how easy it is to have a Skinny Successful  diet.

Fill out the application form below if you know that this day is for you and not yet ready for a full program of Rhonda’s, “The Mind, Body, Food Lifestyle Plan”. Rhonda only takes a handful of VIP days a month. Want in? Fill out the form below and Rhonda’s team will get back to you

Success Stories:


– A day with Rhonda has helped me realize that I have been feeling a low fatigue in my daily life and it was affecting me. After going through the day I was able to unravel some things that I have been doing to sabotage my health. Working with Rhonda brought things to light that I was not able to see and gave me the know how in turning onto a new path and starting my journey of increased energy.


– I work so many hours every day and always feel like I have no time to add anything new into my diet. I am always looking for convenience foods and a day with Rhonda, made me aware of how easy it is implement basic whole foods into my diet and add balancing life tools.
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