Vitamin D…

What’s so great about vitamin D besides keeping your bones healthy?

New research has shown that it lowers the risk of

1) Colon Cancer,

2) Uterine Cancer,

3) Breast Cancer.

If you are low in Vitamin D your body tends to accumulate more fat in the muscle.

What does vitamin D do for you?

Keeps your bones healthy and strong.  There is now a connection between vitamin D levels and improved athletic performance, reduced belly fat and improved muscle building and much, much, more.


How much Vitamin D do you need?

1,000 IUs per day for adults under the age of 70.  Since this information is the latest research that is going on you should consult your doctor or nutritionalist. When doing my research some said you should have up to 2,000 IUs but no less than 1,200 IUs.)


Deficiency is linked to:



How to get vitamin D:

1) from the sun, 20 to 30 minutes without sunscreen when the sun is high in the sky


2) FOODS In your diet-

-Sundried Shitake Mushrooms (food with the highlest level of Vitamin D3)

-3 oz salmon


-fortified milk




3) In a supplement – If taking this in a supplement form, take it with your largest meal.


Why is their controversy with the latest research?

Above discusses that you need 1,000 IUs per day as an adult but your weight may have some impact on the dosage.  Women with a higher body fight may need more vitamin D than lean women to achieve the same blood levels. Vitamin D is a fat soluble, so extra body fat will hold on to the vitamin D and does not allow it to get into the blood stream as well as in lean women.

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