Vitamin Update

Getting nutrition into your body is vital for YOUR HEALTH, YOUR ENERGY, and A HAPPY LIFE.

Important stats to know to be successful:

Iron – Don’t take if you are a man or post menapausle

Take daily
Vitamin A3500 IU
Vitamin E30 IU
Calcium200 mg
Do not take in a multi-vitamin that has more than 200 mg of Calcium in it because it binds with all the other vitamins and prevents your body from absorbing them.

Take daily
Calcium600 mg
with Magnesium400 mg
take 2 hours separate from the multi vitamin

There are many ways to get the additional vitamins in your body. I choose Juice Plus for my family and me. These capsules of fruite and vegetables free of pesticides. Check it out and bridge the gap for your nutritional

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SOURCE: Juice Plus,, World Wide Web

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