When Should Your Largest Meal Be?

When Should Your Biggest Meal Be?

I get asked this question often… When should my biggest meal be breakfast, lunch, or dinner?  There is so much information out there so it can be very confusing.  So let’s break it down.


  • Breakfast – Your body has been detoxing and repairing itself all night to get you ready for your day.  This makes breakfast the most important meal so choose wisely when you are sitting down for this meal.  


  • Lunch – At this point of the day you have been real active and you need enough quality food to get you to your next meal.  Once you eat this meal you only have one meal left, dinner and this meal is when you start slowing your activity level down.  So this makes Lunch your largest meal of the day.  You want food that is going to tie you over to dinner, energy for the afternoon, and an evening workout if you didn’t do this already.


  • Dinner – At this point in the day there are only a few more waking hours left.  This makes dinner the trickiest meal of the day since dinner can be a family’s  largest meal.  Dinner should be your smallest meal of the day.  


Good luck in your food choices and timing of meals!



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