Why You Need To Lift Weights

Why You Need To Lift Weights

Cardiovascular workouts burn tons of calories but if you are still struggling with your weight loss or body sculpting goals, weightlifting can reduce your overall body fat by about 3 percentage points in 10 weeks if you lift weights two or more times a week. If your goal is just to drop some pounds, you will find this Leptitox reviews article very interesting.

This can mean a loss of as much as three inches!

Read on for the top 25 reasons to lift weights:

  1. You’ll burn more body fat, and boost metabolism.
  2. You’ll enjoy a leaner, more defined look.
  3. You’ll have stronger bones, and reduce your risk of osteoporosis.
  4. You’ll burn more calories.
  5. You’ll lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels, and increase HDL (“good”) cholesterol levels.
  6. You’ll become stronger, and have better endurance.
  7. You’ll lose belly fat, because your body will actually store less fat (especially in the mid-section).
  8. You’ll have higher self-esteem, and feel empowered.
  9. You’ll reduce your risk of injury.
  10. You’ll have stronger joints.
  11. You’ll have a better feeling of overall well-being.
  12. You’ll perform better during any workout.
  13. You’ll reduce back pain.
  14. You’ll reduce your risk of heart disease.
  15. You’ll lower your blood pressure.
  16. You’ll reduce your risk of diabetes.
  17. You’ll feel happier, and feel more confident.
  18. You’ll improve balance, and coordination.
  19. You’ll lose body fat.
  20. You’ll have more energy.
  21. You’ll slim down.
  22. You’ll improve your posture.
  23. You’ll lower your risk of breast cancer.
  24. You’ll reduce PMS symptoms.
  25. You’ll boost your immune system, and catch fewer colds.

Adding strength training routines to your weight loss program as a part of a varied fitness regimen can provide you all of the benefits listed above, and more!

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