[Video BLOG] Feeling Unorganized? Follow These Steps To Start Your Organization

calendarDo you have many areas that you need to tackle? Do you feel like you don’t know where to start? When you look at your home do you wish that you had a cleaner and tidier home?  And the list goes on…  Take a step back and let’s get down to the basic and what is important to you.  Start with getting a piece of paper and then read the points below along with the video to guide you.  Also don’t miss my FREE Webinar, May 9 Thursday at 12:00PM Pacific [Give yourself a quick lunch break.] “Steps To Obtain Your Work Life Balance”  Click link to sign up for FREE webinar. Click link to start the webinar on May 9th as 12PM.

Read through the points below and watch the video steps to jump start your organization. Then click the link above to sign up for my FREE 40 minute  webinar and start your work life balance through my easy coaching steps.

  1. Start in one place and don’t expect to get it done in 1 hour.  Keep clear of what you want to accomplish and be patient because clearing clutter takes time.
  2. Sort it, then do it, trash it, or list it.  Get your documentation groove on for your to do’s.
  3. Donate.  There are so many places ready to receive your gently used stuff that you are not using.
  4. Find bins to organize what is remaining.  Bins will help you organize your clutter quick.

Watch this video to start organizing your to do’s for your calendar.  Stop running around not finishing your projects and determine what your priorities are.


 Sign up for my FREE webinar “Steps To Obtain Your Work Life Balance”.

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