[Workbook & Live Coaching] FITT Food Discovery Kit

Food Discovery KitDiscover the Foods that FITT Your Optimal Health for Weight Loss

Your 2 Week Journey – Plus 30 Minutes Private Coaching With Rhonda

I’m sure you are already aware of this but I am just going to say it out loud anyway. Food is thoroughly intertwined with everything in our lives: food is our fuel, and our medicine. However, we should acknowledge the fact that this powerful form of fuel has the ability to effect the body with the same force negatively as it does positively. We all have triggers that can cause us to reach for foods that don’t make our body feel good. This kit is designed to FIT you and your bodies needs on your food journey!

To support your Food Discovery journey the kit has:

  • Daily templates to document your 2 weeks of food discoveries with a unique approach to help you connect your food and energy
  • 30 minutes with me as a Certified Health Coach to help review what you learned by using your 2 week Food Discovery Kit.

This kit will FITT you, if you are a struggling with the following issues:

1)    Unable to lose weight

2)    Bloating

3)    Eating very little but your weight is not budging or you are still bloating

4)    Feeling exhausted

5)    Gas, cramps, heartburn, headaches, Irritability or nervousness

This list can go on, and on. The main issue is that you feel something is just not right, or out of balance immediately after you eat, or shortly thereafter.

Please note that this kit does not work as a food elimination diet.  In this 2 week kit you will need to reflect and then document, listen to your body.

Success Stories:

“I discovered so much in my 2 week journey in how food was effecting me: 1) Stay away from dairy, and 2) Sugar is linked directly to my headaches… did not connect it all before that.”

Samantha, California

“I discovered that fruit makes me feel light headed.  It makes me feel like the floor is dropping out from under me. I didn’t connect this issue with fruit until I did the food discovery. I am also learning how to eat for health and energy and changing my mindset and not putting myself on a diet.”

Lindy, California


Click now and you will get 2 weeks support and 30 minutes with me!

Discover Your Optimal Foods Plus 1 Coaching Session with Rhonda – Inveestmetn $197

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