Your Personal Blueprint to Vitality

Good morning! Welcome to this Tuesday connection! I just got in from my gratitude walk this morning. This Tuesday Connection let’s get in and talk about your personal blueprint to vitality.

Take a deep breath in and let’s walk through the morning threshold to making a decision of what we want our week to look like. You will discover Let’s identify what brings you into motivation. What makes you feel like you have a foundation for yourself?

This morning we started our detox and it is awesome to talk with everyone and talk about how they are feeling. What that has me thinking about, when you do something like this it is really about creating a blueprint for your life. It isn’t just about scrubbing the mind and body; it is about being able to connect with what is important to you. Your body and mind will feel clear and allow your body to see how well it feels with good and healthy food in your body. Starting with the mind and seeing what helps you, is it food, is it meditation? Then we look at food. What is not serving you? What does your body need to feel amazing? Continually getting a deeper and deeper connection with your body. Letting you body and mind feel calm and be focused.

Another part about the blueprint is about movement. Do you feel like parts of your body are not as strong? Then you want to start with stretching. Allowing the flow in your body and allowing your metabolism to reason the stress in your body. This gives you a deeper and deeper understanding of what your body needs. Take a deep breath in and think about this.

Three questions for you about your strength pillars…

Where are you with your meditation? Are you calmer? How connected are you to your mind?

What about your food? Have you been putting two veggies on your plate? Is there enough color on your plate? How connected are you to your plate?

Where are you at with your workouts? Are you stretching enough? How connected are you to movement?

All these questions are to help with your personal connection to your Vitality Blueprint.

How do you feel after these moments we spend together? Hope walking through this threshold made you feel better. I hope you have an insightful day. Open you mind and open your cash flow.

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