Your Sexy FITT Goal – Build With Success!

Rhonda workoutInspiration is a wonderful uplifting feeling. And this week I got a dose of inspiration. Thank you Michaela for being such an inspiration to others while  your are getting back into working out and doing it with such positive tenacity.  See the video below of Michaela displaying what life is all about, being in the moment and living in pure joy of accomplishing  goals one step at a time!

How about you? Are you feeling inspired and ready to build a goal for yourself? In the past when you have set your intentions on making a shift in your life how do you feel? Inspired? Excited? Feeling like… YES I got this one? I know I feel that way too. The great part about making a commitment to yourself is that it makes you feel unstoppable. What goal are you currently working on or ready to start and claim it right here… getting 3 workouts in a week and doing it consistently, add more vegetables into your diet, or even taking your supplements consistently so you reap the health benefits? Of course, making the goal is the fun part but making it sustainable takes a methodical approach that I am sharing with you below.

To build a strong goal with results there are 4 steps that you need, Focus, Integrate, Transform, Thrive. My Signature FITT 4 Steps. These 4 steps are a basic process approach that will keep you stay inspired and keep you in the excitement of your intentions. No more feeling lost in your commitment to yourself. My Signature 4 FITT .

Your FITT Goal [Get a piece of paper and pencil and start building your goal here. ]

Focus -Build you intentions and establish your desire to tackle your goal.

On your paper write the follow:

  1. My goal
  2. Why this goal is important me?
  3. If I accomplished this goal how would life be different?

Some examples of  how to answer would be that your goal would make you happier, give you more energy, feel better about yourself, put your own spin on it along with the detail that is important to you in your attachment to your goal. Write this in a way that is meaningful to you by taking the time to document.


Integrate – Plan strategically on how you are going implement your goal.

Now that you have your goal, break it down into chunks so the goal does not feel overwhelming but more into steps to get you to your final outcome. Then pull out your calendar and find open spaces where you are going to add in your new sexy FITT goal. With the workout 3 times a week being an example, find enough space on your calendar that will allow you time to get dressed in workout attire, workout time, and time to clean up.

Now your new goal is on the calendar. Each day review your calendar so you are working for success.

Transform – It is time to implement your plan and transform your mind and body.

Now that you have added your sexy FITT goal into your calendar it’s time to get your goal moving along. Enjoy the effects of your commitment to yourself by following what you have laid out for yourself. The more committed you are to yourself the faster the transformation will happen.

Thrive – Enjoy the effects of your commitment to yourself. Also evaluate your original plan, is it working for you?

At this point you are getting your results through your process and implementation, there is no other way but to Thrive! This stage is also your evaluation time. Is your original plan working in how you laid it out? Make any adjustments and shift your schedule around if needed. This stage is very important to your future success of the new positive commitments to yourself. Is your goal FITTing your lifestyle. Make adjustment as needed.

The more you stay flexible in your approach the smoother and more consistent your results will get.

Have a FITT day. Thanks again Michaela for inspiring! Now that’s a sure fire way to Your Sexy FITT Goal, stay inspired!

You may find that the video volume is a bit low so bring the volume up a bit.

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