Youth’s @ The Studio – Zach

Zach has been working out in the studio in which we have been working on his stamina with doing drills, lifting weights to increase his muscle mass and strength, and to round out his program we have added a stretching component.

At age 14, Zach has started on his way to mold a life long diet that will work for his body with logging and with our discussions. Besides learning about his dietary needs he has learned how to have the proper positioning when working with free weights and also learning about his positioning with the squat bar. The positioning that Zach is learning will help him in his day to day life too when he is lifting heavy items at his family’s run winery in Elk Grove, McConnell Estates Winery. Zach has also made it into the All Stars for Baseball in which he plays first base.

I am very proud of you Zach! You have been doing a great job. Your focus has been great with the three days that we have been spending together. I have been seeing improvement in your positioning and your strength. Keep up the good work.

Rhonda liebig|RL personal trainer

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